Lately I've been experimenting with a more hands on approach to making my lampshades. It felt good to be able to create a completely hand made piece, an alternative to my landscapes which are printed for me digitally.

Here’s a few shots from my process and the final result - a lampshade with hand printed fabric. So nice to hand make both parts of the creation.

My experiment revealed that I need softer Lino and thicker cotton but that’s what it was all about, discovering the right materials for a satisfying outcome. The print is more pale than I would want so the pattern looks best when the lamp isn’t actually illuminated but it still makes for a unique stylish home accessory I reckon.


This is partly done as preparation for upcoming workshops I plan to run.

I need to finesse the technique myself first but I think it will make for a really fun few hours with a small group that is guided through a creative process and goes home with their own unique lampshade plus some inspiration to take it further.