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SECONDS - a PAIR of 20cm Spring Blossom lampshades for table/standard

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My earliest illustrated lampshades, I had yet to perfect my making technique and a loose thread got trapped between the fabric and the backing. Its shadow does show in one of the shades when lit BUT it is still a stylish one-off pair of lampshades!

Spring Blossom depicts a brooding sky about to unleash rain on a fresh spring day with elegant tree silhouettes in shades of grey, charcoal and dusky blue. Bright yellow petals dance on the wind!

My lampshades are made using certified materials, tested, and passed by the Lighting Association. It is recommended to use low energy bulbs. All shades come with an adaptor ring for EU and UK lamp fittings.

2 x 20cm handmde lampshades. Lamp bases not included, similar can be found at Habitat