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This is a dedicated page that leads to my Etsy shop - SallyElfordPrints

I have separated these products from the main site as I think style differs significantly; I call it my stencil print style.

It came about through the original Lockdown period (every cloud has a silver lining!)

Unable to access facilities for screen printing, I tried out a method that I could do at home using just a small ‘open’ screen, newsprint paper and a sharp scalpel.

I was really pleased with the results but they produced a much flatter, minimal look than my detailed screen prints produced in a studio.

I loved the spontaneity most of all! I could have an idea in the morning and by the end of the same day I have the final print.

As the newsprint paper stencils gradually soak up the ink, they begin to deteriorate which means each print made this way is unique and always a very limited edition, perhaps 20 at the most. They are all signed and numbered.

In my Etsy shop you will also find a few examples of prints made in the conventional way. These have a similar 'lighter', more commercial style: I hope you enjoy them all!

print montage