July-blogNature really is hard at work and gardens are full of colour and growth this month. There are alot of intense colours to be seen in a typical British garden and I had been noticing alot of beautiful poppies everywhere I walked. They come in many gorgeous colours other than red, such as lilac and pink, but I wanted to use red for maximum contrast against the cool greenery. Red seems suitable for an image for this part of Summer too. A blackbird compliments the scene and sits on the brow of a sun-baked Green Man plaque.

The Green Man figure is an intriguing one and it’s origins are a bit uncertain. The leafy face has been found in carvings within Medieval churches but has links to Pagan worship and ancient beliefs in a nature god. Whatever his true meaning, his image is quite at home in a garden, surrounded by foliage and I shall be getting one for my own garden.

I’m currently planning this as a screenprint. I will have to adapt the design slightly but I hope to print that later this year.

As with all the other months, this giclée print is available in the shop for £15 including delivery.

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