Just a quick line to let you know that a popular – but usually sold out – print is now available.

In Full Bloom 2 colour silkscreen print can be bought now in my shop



The Art Deco inspired celebration of Summer blooms was always one of my personal favourites and it seemed like alot of you liked it too. However, as a large print (89 x 23cm) which starts off with me spraying liberally with gold paint (nearly gassing myself in the process!) I didn’t make very many.

The 2 I have now have just been returned from a gallery that’s closing down and until this morning, I didn’t even realise I had them!

They have sustained a little wear in transit but nothing that affects the main image – professional framing would conceal this anyway. The photos here show the slight damage.



Snap one up while you can! In Full Bloom silkscreen print

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